Introducing Autobacs

Autobacs is an automotive parts and accessories brand originating in Japan and operating locations across the globe. Recently Autobacs has opened in the Australian market aiming to provide Australians with the high quality automotive solutions they expect and need for their vehicles.

Our Vision:

A world revving for outstanding automotive experiences. Where people who strive for adventure, are propelled to succeed together with their cars.

Our Mission:

Create solutions that enhance everyday.
Drive industry leading innovations.
Share our love for cars with the world.

Leading Supplier of Global Brands You Know

As well as designing and manufacturing our own range of Autobacs branded products, we are also a distribution partner of the largest automotive brands.

If you are looking for something for your marine or automotive vehicle, look no further than Autobacs.

Our Brands

Become an Autobacs Dealer

Autobacs Australia works directly with a growing number of dealers across the country to supply our range to customers. If you operate a business that would like to join our dealer network, we would love to hear from you.

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Explore our range of Australia’s leading trucking accessories. From parking sensors for your large load to GPS tracking transponder systems and tyre pressure monitoring systems, we’ve got you covered.

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On the lookout for RV and caravan accessories to make your getaway that much more enjoyable? Find the widest range of vehicle accessories to turn your caravan into a reliable traveller.

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Looking to improve and upgrade your 4×4 riding experience? Autobacs offers a large variety of high-quality 4WD accessories designed to withstand and enhance off-road use and safety.

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Enhance the safety of your heavy-duty machinery with the implementation of everything from camera and monitor kits, backup alarms and LED beacons to GPS tracking devices and more!

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Find the latest technology and accessories for your boat. A local supplier of the largest automotive brands with quality products to fit to your marine vessel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Autobacs Established?

Autobacs was founded as a private auto parts store in 1947 by Toshio Sumino, with the ideology that reliable car maintenance meant that a car must be in its best condition at all time. This belief is a foundation that still holds its true position within the company to this day.

As Autobacs has evolved as a company, so has the proposal for the best life with cars. Autobacs will always continue to challenge themselves on a path to becoming a 100-year company.

How Long Has Autobacs Been Around In Australia?

Formally known as Audioxtra, Autobacs was formed in Sydney in February 1980 and continues to be owned and operated by the founder, along with family members and dedicated long-time staff. With a presence now in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, Autobacs are renowned for its own range of products for the Australasian market while representing a dynamic group of well-known and respected brands.

What Is Autobacs’ ‘2050 Creating Our Future Together’ Vision?

Autobacs has established the 2050 Creating Our Future Together vision with the aim of becoming a “100-year company” that is indispensable to society, by tackling issues affecting society, cares, and people’s lives, in order to create a brighter, more cheerful future.

Moving forward, the entire Autobacs Group will continue working together as one, seeking constantly to deepen the level of our relationships with customers and tackle the challenges of creating new value to offer them; in order to continue creating new markets for the future as professionals, primarily in automotive-related fields.

Where Did The Name ‘Autobacs’ Originate From?

The brand name ‘Autobacs’ originated from our merchandise and services such as ‘Appeal’, ‘Unique’, ‘Tire’, ‘Oil’, ‘Battery’, ‘Accessories’, ‘Car Electronics’ and ‘Services’.

How Does Autobacs Contribute To A Sustainable Society?

Autobacs is focused on the issues that affect our society and ensuring we balance our needs as a business with the needs of society. We consider how to address various issues facing the world and act towards creating a more sustainable society.


  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction
  • Products that offer safety and peace of mind
  • Provision of car-related infrastructure

Environment, Human Rights & Diversity

  • Preserving the environment
  • Statement on health

Local Communities

  • Participation in local events
  • Resolution of car-related issues
  • Traffic safety activities

What Does The Autobacs Symbol Stand For?

The corporate colour for Autobacs is a shade of orange that was chosen as a way to adopt the frontier spirit of America’s pioneers and to represent the blazing sun that casts an orange filter over California.

Our symbol features six lines that represent the products and services we offer to our customers. These six products come from the last six letters of our Autobacs name. With each of these lines connecting at one place, it represents how we bring together many products into one store. It also is reminiscent of a highway, linking to our goal of creating an automotive society.

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