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Discover an innovative range of products ready to be equipped across different industries. Each one offering market-leading features and benefits that add quality, functionality and reliability to various consumer applications.

Are you an audio enthusiast, or are you simply looking for a way to block out noise and heat to keep the interior of your vehicle quiet and cool? Fortunately for you, Autobacs has acoustic solutions for all automotive, architectural and marine environments.

If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you may want an easy solution to operate your electronic devices that you can’t usually run or charge while on the go. Favourably for you, whatever your power needs may be, Autobacs has all the necessary power supplies for your vehicle.

Upgrade and add style with automotive accessories to improve your vehicle’s capabilities. Such add-ons can not only smarten up your vehicle but can also heighten its performance. Autobacs is committed to supplying market-leading accessories that not only benefits but adds quality, functionality and reliability to consumer applications.

Make being in your vehicle more enjoyable by enhancing your driving experience with the addition of entertainment options. With new speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers, you can be sure never to commute in silence ever again.

Modern fleet management greatly benefits from vehicle-to-vehicle communication. With the ability to exchange real-time information such as the speed, location and heading of surrounding vehicles wirelessly, 2-way communication systems aid in refining driving efficiency, generating major improvements in fleet productivity.

There’s no better time to add a few enhancements to your boat than now. From innovative speaker system solutions to better ways to strengthen your communication systems, Autobacs has all the supplies to make your time on the water that much more enjoyable and productive.

With Australia’s roads busier than ever, careful driving is key to protecting not only yourself but also other drivers. Autobacs strives to support customers in driving safely through the use and implementation of various automotive safety devices.

Improve the cellular signals in your vehicle to make your trips safer, boost data speeds, get better access to maps, and experience fewer dropped calls with an upgrade of your communication systems. You can rely on Autobacs to ensure that you’re always connected to a solid mobile signal at all times.

Safety and security are among two of high highest ranking factors that automotive users wish for in a vehicle. With added protections such as a GPS tracking system or an updated car alarm system, you can have peace of mind with the need not to have to worry about what might happen to your vehicle.

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