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Here at Autobacs, we love technology, especially when it comes to road safety and entertainment. Be it setting out on off-roading expeditions or simply a road trip up the coast for a family staycation, it is vital that you are equipped with the right equipment to make your next expedition the best ever.

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    Why Upgrade Your 4X4

    Upgrade your 4WD’s accessories to improve functionality, comfort and safety. If you are using your vehicle for travel, modifications like a new communication antenna or a dash camera are great upgrades to start with. Anything that enhances the way your 4WD fulfills your requirements is a functionality improvement.

    If you are not entirely comfortable in your 4×4, then you aren’t going to enjoy yourself as much on those long road trips. Modifications and 4WD accessories that can make your travel or use of your 4WD more comfortable is well worth the added investment. Rear seat entertainment or even a new speaker system upgrade are the perfect examples of improving your ride comfort.

    Safety is not only important for you as a driver, but also for your passengers. Opt for reversing cameras and monitors along with reversing sensors and alarms to make reversing that much easier. Plus, they make you aware of your surroundings with the ability to warn you when you are getting close to an object or even a person that is in your blind spot.

    Need Help Selecting the Right Product?

    Are you unsure what type of product you are after or wondering if one of our exclusive products is compatible with your vehicle? Our sales team can gladly recommend the appropriate product for your needs.