Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the answers to common automotive product questions that are asked on a regular basis.


What Are The Benefits Of A Dash Cam On My 4x4?

  • Capture Your Travelling Adventures

Apart from filming those worst-case scenarios whilst driving, dash cams have many great uses beyond that. From capturing breathtaking views on your road trip to recording those astonishing moments when off-roading in your 4x4, dash cams are a great addition to recording your weekend memories straight from your vehicle.

  • Capture Incidents While Driving

Dash cams can allow you to capture an accident that may have occurred within the camera’s field of view, whether it was your fault or a third party’s fault. They can be exceptionally beneficial when it comes down to justifying the events of an accident, as it is often difficult to rebut hard evidence, such as a video, as contrasted to an individual’s word against another’s.

  • Record Any Accidents When Your Vehicle Is Unattended

Many dash cams now have a ‘park mode’ component where the camera is permitted to record whilst the vehicle is turned off. This can be very practical when you leave your vehicle unattended, as your dash cam will be able to capture moments where any incidental collisions to your car take place.

Are TPMS’ For My 4WD Worth It?

Tyre pressure monitoring systems for your 4WD are well worth the investment. They provide the benefit of extending your tyre life, enhancing your ride comfort, minimising the risk of blowouts and overall improving road safety. Having a TPMS installed on your 4x4 allows you to be constantly well-informed of the pressures within each tyre and how they are changing as your drive. Understanding the tyre pressure on your 4WD is important as it ensures that your tyres are at the correct pressure for the specific conditions you are driving in, whether that be various road conditions, ambient air temperature or even the load you are carrying in your vehicle.

Why Should I Get A New Head Unit For My Vehicle?

Safety is a big factor when it comes to determining if a new head unit is well worth the upgrade. Updated head units are often easier to use and grant you the ease of changing the music or picking up a call without the need to touch your mobile device. Plus, modern head units have Apple Car Play, or Android Auto installed, allowing you not to take your hands off the wheel, providing a safer drive with fewer distractions.

Having maps readily available and the addition of alerts when any hazards are coming up are some more of the many reasons as to why you would not go back to a standard radio again. Such head unit upgrades will make driving around a lot less stressful and will make you more aware of what is happening in the traffic around you.

Will Upgrading My Speakers Enhance The Sound Quality In My Car?

Installing a new set of aftermarket speakers in your vehicle can make a big difference in the sound quality of your car’s audio system. You will notice a tighter bass and overall improved clarity of sound. You may even observe details you have never heard of before in songs that you have known for years. Replacing your stock car audio speakers with high-performance aftermarket speakers is an excellent way to gain better sound from your car’s stereo.

How Do Ultrasonic Parking Sensors Work?

Nowadays, many modern vehicles come equipped with a combination of front, rear, and side ultrasonic parking sensors. Ultrasonic parking sensors work by releasing a high-frequency sound wave, incapable of being heard by the human ear, which bounces off an object in close proximity to the car and is then reflected back to the vehicle. The amount of time it takes for the sound wave to return to your vehicle is utilised to determine the distance between the parking sensor and the object near your car.

How Can I Benefit From Installing Parking Sensors On My 4WD?

  • Ease Of Parking

Gone are the days when you would spend painful hours trying to perfect your parallel parking. With the aid of parking sensors, you now have eyes on the back of your vehicle to audibly alert you when you are getting close to the kerb or other nearby objects.

  • Increased Depth Of Perception

A very common issue when it comes to parking is depth perception, where you are inadequate at determining how far an object actually is from your vehicle. However, with the addition of parking sensors, they provide audible signals when an object is in close range of the vehicle. Low audible beeps are sounded when the distance is safe whilst reversing, with the audible beeps getting louder and faster as you inch closer and closer. The enhanced change in sound is superb in granting you to recognise the depth of perception.

Why A DVR Mirror Over A Standard Rear-View Mirror?

  • Often moderately larger than a standard rear-view mirror, DVR mirrors aid in improving visibility, enhancing safety and driving comfort
  • DVR mirrors have the capacity to integrate numerous devices at the same time (recorder, rear camera, GPS, etc.)
  • Indistinguishable from a standard rear-view mirror when a built-in camera is practically invisible from the outside, so the risk of it being stolen is minimised
  • The anti-glare coating offers protection from blinding when headlights from behind the vehicle hit the mirror
  • Very simple installation

Are Reversing Cameras Easy To Install On A 4WD?

It is fairly quick and easy to install a reverse camera on any vehicle, provided that you are comfortable with detaching a little interior trim in order to run, strip and connect a couple of wires. If you are wiring a reverse camera into your existing head unit within your vehicle, installation can be a bit more involved. However, if you are able to follow the instructions that come supplied with the kit, all it really takes is a little extra patience.

Try to mount your reverse camera in a position that does not obstruct anything at the rear of your vehicle, and ensure it does not interfere with the opening of your boot. If you do carry bikes or tow a trailer frequently, it may be best to mount the reverse camera higher up. Keep in mind that where you end up mounting your camera, the picture display may differ.

Trucking FAQs

Should I Get A Black Box For My Truck?

Sometimes referred to as an “electronic control module” (ECM) or an “event data recorder” (EDR), a truck’s black box is a computer system that records data while the truck carries out its journey. Many trucking companies, insurers, investigators and the government utilise the black box of a truck to keep track of what causes or has caused a collision. They not only allow federal regulators to improve the safety of the trucking industry but also allow victims of an incident to potentially dictate the cause of the accident and prove who is at fault.

How Are Parking Sensor Kits Different For Trucks And Trailers?

The AP400LED is an easy-to-use reversing sensor system designed specifically for trucks and trailers. When installed on a trailer, the system works independently from the prime mover, thus allowing for any prime mover to attach and have a reversing guidance system. The variable flashing LEDs allow the driver to know the distance from an obstacle/dock.

What Is The Benefit Of A GPS Tracking Transponder System?

GPS tracking transponder systems offer advanced and secure location and live tracking solutions for mobile, static and personal applications. Prevents loss or theft and enables professional, live management and asset monitoring with complete peace of mind. Plus, there are no set-up fees or contracts!

  • Real-Time Global Tracking with Online Access
  • Access and Monitoring from PC, Smartphone or Tablet (Compatible with Apple & Android)
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Prevent, Track or Recover Vehicle/Asset Theft
  • Run & Export Statistical Reports: Stationary, Trip Start/End, Ignition Detection & On/Off, Daily Movement, Over Speed & Mileage, Daily Run Cost
  • Increase Staff Accountability and Productivity and Reduce Fleet Running Costs

Where Do I Mount My Antenna On My Truck?

Antennas perform at the optimal level with a suitable ‘Ground Plane,’ i.e. a large and even metal surface below the antenna’s radiating components. This means the ideal installation position is in the centre of a roof; however, this is often not possible. Autobacs stocks a wide selection of ‘Ground Independent’ antennas which allow for a more practical installation, such as on a mirror or gutter. Where possible, elevate your antenna above the roof line of your vehicle and aim for an unobstructed position where feasible since the metal body of your vehicle will impact the radiating pattern and performance of your antenna, affecting its maximum potential of working in an omnidirectional pattern.

How Much Gain Does My Antenna Have?

Antennas with a lower dB gain are engineered to suit hilly or mountainous terrain & built-up areas where performance and reception are not dependent on the angle of the antenna in reference to the ground plane. Antennas with a higher dB gain are designed to increase coverage on flat terrain where the radiating pattern is flattened and expanded on a horizontal plane.

Why Should Commercial Fleet Vehicles Install Dash Cams?

  • Evidence In An Accident

The most common occurrence for companies installing dash cams into their vehicles is to ensure that they have first-hand evidence of events that may have occurred if they were involved in an accident.

  • Save On Insurance Premiums

For companies that own a large fleet, high insurance costs can be incurred. With the addition of dash cams to your fleet, you can accumulate large savings on your premiums when it comes to insurance fees.

  • Prevent Insurance Fraud

Unfortunately, there are some drivers out on our roads who purposely commit accidents in order to solely place the blame on the other party to extort money from innocent victims. In such scenarios, dash cams can prohibit any fraudulent claims from occurring and protect innocent drivers from paying for an accident that they did not commit.

  • Monitor Staff Usage

Keep on top of your employees with the installation of a dash cam. From checking if your staff drive a few extra kilometres to see if they are frequently stopping or are distracted at the wheel, dash cams can provide insight into a driver’s actions. Plus, they are also a great feature for fleet operators that utilise carpool solutions as a means of sharing fleet vehicles.

How Do TPMS Benefit Commercial Vehicles?

  • Improve Tyre Runout

A properly inflated tyre can last longer. Compared to a tyre that experiences 10 per cent underinflation continuously, a tyre with sufficient air pressure can produce a 15% longer life of tread and have a 20% longer casing life.

  • Save Fuel

Monitoring proper tyre inflation can increase a vehicle's fuel economy. Furthermore, by combining fuel-efficient tyres with adequate tyre pressure, you can achieve the utmost cost savings on fuel.

  • Save On Labour And Tyre Maintenance Costs

Minimise the amount of time spent on manual tyre pressure checks and repair such issues as the cause of underinflation. Prior to leaving the fleet yard, drivers can simply conduct a straightforward visual check of their TPMS, taking less than half the time of manually checking pressure gauges.

  • Reduce Roadside Breakdowns

More than 50% of roadside breakdowns are caused by tyre problems. Such issues can be prevented by proper tyre maintenance, including inflation pressure.

How Can My Commercial Vehicle Benefit From A Heavy Duty Reverse Camera?

Heavy-duty reverse cameras increase safety when driving, ultimately preventing any damage to your truck. Plus, when used alongside a rearview mirror and side mirrors, a reverse camera grants you the ability to back out of even the tightest of spots with ease. The camera will transmit a signal to your dash-mounted monitor and will allow the driver to view everything behind them.

Caravan FAQs

Why Should I Have A TPMS System For My Caravan?

Not only can a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitor your vehicle, but it can monitor your caravan or trailer that you are also towing. If you do not currently have a TPMS fitted to your caravan, it is worthwhile to get one installed, as it is an excellent safety feature.

Taking your caravan off-road, out into remote areas and getting a flat tyre when you are hundreds of kilometres away from a service station can be a nightmare. A TPMS will notify you of any adjustments in the air of your caravan’s tyres, simply authorising you to rectify any concerns prior to an incident or significant damage occurring.

What Is The Benefit Of Installing Parking Sensors On A Caravan?

Parking or even reversing a caravan is proven to be very difficult since the two vehicles articulate, making it quite challenging to see behind the caravan. Take the stress out of manoeuvring, reversing or parking a caravan with the addition of parking sensors. As you reverse your caravan, audible beeps will become more rapid once an object has been detected in close proximity to the back of the caravan, with a solid tone being heard to alert the driver to stop to prohibit any collisions.

Where Should I Install Reversing Cameras On My Caravan?

In order to prevent any unknown surprises, the addition of reversing cameras on your caravan can provide significant safety precautions. It may be best to have two rear cameras installed, one pointed towards the bumper to be able to view behind the caravan whilst in reverse and another aimed upwards for sufficient viewing of traffic behind the driver while moving.

The introduction of more cameras on your caravan can allow you to obtain more points of view for added convenience.

Are DVR Mirrors Worthwhile For A Caravan?

DVR mirrors are perfect for wide vehicles and caravans. Designed to replace your factory-fitted windscreen-mounted rear-view mirror, DVR mirrors are specially designed to display crystal clear quality camera images and will activate automatically once in reverse gear. When combined with up to 3 cameras (the rear, left, and right side), a DVR mirror is able to disclose numerous blindspots that you may not see otherwise.

Why Is Proper Tyre Inflation Important For Caravans?

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure optimises the performance of how your caravan tows. The right inflation of your caravan’s tyres is vital for safe and efficient operation. Plus, properly inflated tyres run cooler, last longer and improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Should I Opt For Wired Or Wireless Caravan Reverse Camera Kits?

There is no significant difference between wired and wireless caravan reverse camera kits. Cables and wires are more durable, whereas wireless transmission has become more reliable due to advancements in technology. It basically comes down to preference and features that you require for your caravan.

Wireless reverse camera kits require minimal work in terms of installation due to fewer cables to run. However, these types of setups may also cost you more, and you may run into signal interference every once in a while.

On the other hand, wired reverse camera kits produce a more reliable connection, and signal interruption is likely to occur. Although the time and effort required to install these systems may be a turn-off, they are very cost-friendly.

Why Axis TVs?

Since 2007, Axis has led the way in Mobile TV technology, making 12V TVs specifically for the Caravan and RV industry. Axis TVs support a wide range of media inputs such as USB, DVD, and CD and are built to resist moisture with their conformal coated circuit board. Engineered to handle vibrations when on the move.

How Can Cel-Fi GO Gain Me Reliable Coverage On My Getaway?

Cel-Fi GO is a mobile signal repeater that boosts and distributes a 3G/4G mobile signal. Simply install a Cel-Fi GO into your RV, caravan, campervan, boat or vehicle and get a signal on the go! Cel-Fi GO can amplify the available LTE/HSPA mobile signal and increase your data speeds dramatically. Email, internet, video, and social networking speeds can achieve up to 4x improvements. Using a Cel-Fi GO, your indoor and outdoor mobile signal should be high, and the battery life of your device will be extended to allow you to work, talk and play longer.

Machinery FAQs

What Is The Benefit Of Camera And Monitor Kits For Earthmoving Machines?

High-resolution camera and monitor kits for earthmoving machines offer an exemplary vision solution no matter the machine, enhancing vehicle performance and safety. Increased efficiency and innovation are crucial in warranting sustainable use of earthmoving machines. Visibility is vital in ensuring such commercial machines maintain high productivity. From a quad view monitor to wideview, rearview and forward view cameras, there are high-quality vision solutions available for all situations to improve safety, efficiency and comfort.

Should I Opt For Handheld Or Mobile UHF Radios?

UHF radios come in two different forms; handheld and mobile. Handheld UHF radios are very convenient and do not require any modification to your commercial vehicle in order to fit it. Providing similar features to that of mobile UHF radios, handheld UHF radios authorise the user to alternate between high and low wattage as required in order to preserve their battery life. It is important to keep in mind that small handheld radios generally only cover a far smaller radius compared to mobile units. This is due to the antenna in the radio being very short in comparison to an externally mounted antenna.

On the other hand, mobile UHF radios are mounted within your vehicle. Available in numerous sizes and with various feature sets, mobile UHF radios offer a much stronger and more reliable signal than a handheld radio.

Why Should Heavy-Duty Machinery Utilise Backup Alarms?

When it comes to heavy-duty machinery, backing up is an exceedingly dangerous movement that such a vehicle can make due to large blind spots. These blind spots can place individuals working in the vicinity completely out of sight and potentially place them at risk of serious injury or death. Installing backup alarms on heavy-duty machinery can improve pedestrian safety, ensuring that an alert is sounded when the vehicle is in reverse, allowing any at-risk individuals to move out of harm’s way.

How Can Upgrading Antennas Improve Radio Performance?

Making use of high-quality antennas is a very cost-efficient way of upgrading the performance of your current radio systems. This will create a more enhanced RF link margin as well as an increased data/video output across various terrain and operating conditions.

Nowadays, many radios are fitted with performance-focused antennas straight from the factory. Older radios that have been exposed to numerous years of field deployment may no longer complement the best-performing accessories. Therefore, upgrading your antenna that is utilised along with each radio is a very beneficial way of extending the operating life of the existing radio stock. It also guarantees that individuals who are using them have the ability to communicate when and wherever is needed without the implication of technical difficulties.

What Is The Benefit Of GPS Tracking Devices For Construction Equipment?

  • Improve accountability: higher lines of authority have the ability to add additional fields of information in order to keep note of which employees are accountable for which equipment.
  • Minimise theft: all construction equipment cannot be dismissed from a work site unnoticed.
  • Eradicate unauthorised usage: any unsanctioned trips can be bypassed by implementing custom virtual perimeters that will set off alerts when equipment reaches an undesignated area.
  • Enhance efficiency: GPS tracking devices are able to calculate the kilometres driver, idle time and fuel consumption of equipment.
  • Peace of mind: allows you to be on guard when leaving any equipment unattended.

Why Install A Reversing Camera For Heavy Machinery?

Reversing cameras are one of the most useful and dependable car accessories available on the market. As a matter of fact, they are also very functional and valuable on heavy equipment. Although all reversing cameras work in the same way, they all operate in various ways. Reversing cameras are configured and designed to work in certain applications and work environments, including project sites.

As a business owner or a plant manager, it is vital to implement an accident-free job site. Therefore, it is important that you make a thoughtful selection of reverse cameras in order to find ones suitable for rugged job sites and work environments. The right choice of reversing camera system can further help encourage safe reversing in job sites.

LED vs Halogen Beacons - Which Technology Is Right For Me?

Finding the right beacon for your specific application depends on the following factors; how often the beacon will be used, how it will be switched on and off and the cost-effectiveness. If you plan on utilising the beacon quite frequently, LED beacons are the way to go as they require no maintenance and have a longer life span compared to halogen beacons. If you plan on using it frequently, a hard-wired beacon that is a switchable form inside the cabin is preferable over a 12V auxiliary outlet (cigarette lighter) powered beacon. Although LED beacons are more expensive than halogen beacons, LED beacons last considerably longer, do not require servicing, globes do not need to be replaced, and are also dust, water and heat resistant.

How Much Antenna Gain Do I Need For My Heavy Machinery?

Antennas with a lower dB gain are engineered to suit hilly or mountainous terrain & built-up areas where performance and reception are not dependent on the angle of the antenna in reference to the ground plane. Antennas with a higher dB gain are designed to increase coverage on flat terrain where the radiating pattern is flattened and expanded on a horizontal plane.

Marine FAQs

When Should I Upgrade The VSAT Antenna For My Vessel?

VSAT antennas typically last up to 10-15 years. Alike any other piece of equipment, as time passes and equipment gets older, there is an increased likelihood of it failing. Once your vessel’s antenna reaches the end of its life cycle, repairs can become progressively laborious and very expensive. Plus, an upgraded antenna can perform better and offer enhanced functionalities.

Why Upgrade My Boat’s Audio System?

High-quality marine speaker systems provide you with much better sound when you are out on the open water. If you are experiencing muffled music, static, pops, sound gaps or any visible damage, it is time for an upgrade. From elements such as the wind, waves, and engine noise from other boats, you need a speaker system that is designed to be heard. Plus, incorporate an amplifier into your sound system for the perfect mix of premium quality sound.

Why Do I Need A VHF Radio For My Boat?

If you plan to boat any significant distance from the shore, a VHF radio is a must. With VHF radios, you never have to worry about losing service. While mobile phones rely on cell reception, data and wife, in the instance that your mobile phones aren’t working due to lack of reception, you can rely on VHF radios with their own self-contained communications network. In the event of an emergency, VHF radios also have the capacity to dispatch multiple people at one time, reducing the need to call people individually.

With the ability to radio ahead to dock at a marina or to speak with a nearby boat for advice, VHF radios have many great uses beyond just emergency situations. While your VHF radio cannot be used onshore, it comes in handy for communicating short distances with family and friends while onshore - much like a walkie-talkie.

What Is The Benefit Of Installing A GPS Tracker On My Vessel?

Much like a car, a GPS tracker can be installed on your vessel for a very effective boat-tracking solution. No matter if you own a big luxurious yacht or a small tin boat, GPS tracking devices are a must if you wish to keep your vessel safe and secure.

GPS trackers are able to monitor the real-time location of your boat straight from your phone or computer, and with geo-fencing alerts, the device is able to notify you of any unsanctioned use of your boat. In addition, GPS trackers offer the ability to track the speeds of the boat, log where you travelled to and how long you stayed at a specific location.

Are Reversing Cameras For Boat Trailers Worth It?

The risks that are associated with reversing are generally enhanced when towing and reversing boat trailers. With the added weight and length, a driver’s vision can be obstructed, making it challenging for the driver to tow and turn the vehicle. A great solution to minimise the risks connected to reversing and towing your vessel is by investing in a reversing camera kit for your boat trailer. The rear camera allows you to see the space behind your boat trailer, enabling you to back up safely and confidently.

How Do I Choose The Right VHF Antenna For My Boat?

VHF antennas provide a radiator for your radio’s transmitter and radiate the energy that your radio generates in the right direction. When selecting a VHF antenna, you need to strike a balance between size, gain and cost.

  • Antenna Height

The height of your antenna determines the distance in which you will be able to transmit radio signals. The higher the antenna is mounted on your vessel, the further it can “see” over the horizon. A key point to remember when selecting an antenna for your vessel is that the higher the antenna, the greater the radio range.>

  • Antenna Gain (dB Rating)

The dB rating of an antenna is very important to take into consideration when selecting your radio antenna for your boat. dB rating refers to the visible increase in transmitting power as a result of the power of the focused energy. The higher your antenna’s dB rating, energy is concentrated perpendicular to the antenna’s shaft in a dish-shaped field. This type of shaped field also conveys a stronger radio signal. As the dB rating increases, so does the height, although the horizontal angle diminishes proportionately.

Can I Use A TPMS For My Boat Trailer?

Yes, a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) can be used on boat trailers. This is a simple and effortless way to ensure that your boat trailer tyres are always properly inflated. Tyre pressure monitors will alert you once your boat trailer tyres drop below or advance above the set pressure range, encouraging you to take action and supply air to your tyres to the recommended amount, notably increasing the life of your tyres.

When Should I Upgrade My Boats Speakers?

  • Static: If the static of your speakers is not a result of a tuning problem with the radio or disconnected Bluetooth, this continuous white noise can be due to the speakers themselves. The wires and connectors tend to wear when speakers age, resulting in very costly repairs.
  • Pops: Similar to static noise, the sound of pops coming through your speakers can stipulate damaged wires and connections or even the existence of water within the speakers.
  • Sound gaps: Dropped verses, skipping music or even missing words when listening to music is a big sign that it is time to upgrade your sound system.
  • Visible damage: Visibly damaged speakers can result in more troublesome damage in the future. For instance, cracked plastic on your speakers can allow for harmful water intrusion.

General FAQs

When Was Autobacs Established?

Autobacs was founded as a private auto parts store in 1947 by Toshio Sumino, with the ideology that reliable car maintenance meant that a car must be in its best condition at all time. This belief is a foundation that still holds its true position within the company to this day.

As Autobacs has evolved as a company, so has the proposal for the best life with cars. Autobacs will always continue to challenge themselves on a path to becoming a 100-year company.

How Long Has Autobacs Been Around In Australia?

Formally known as Audioxtra, Autobacs was formed in Sydney in February 1980 and continues to be owned and operated by the founder, along with family members and dedicated long-time staff. With a presence now in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, Autobacs are renowned for its own range of products for the Australasian market while representing a dynamic group of well-known and respected brands.

What Is Autobacs’ ‘2050 Creating Our Future Together’ Vision?

Autobacs has established the 2050 Creating Our Future Together vision with the aim of becoming a “100-year company” that is indispensable to society, by tackling issues affecting society, cares, and people’s lives, in order to create a brighter, more cheerful future.

Moving forward, the entire Autobacs Group will continue working together as one, seeking constantly to deepen the level of our relationships with customers and tackle the challenges of creating new value to offer them; in order to continue creating new markets for the future as professionals, primarily in automotive-related fields.

Where Did The Name ‘Autobacs’ Originate From?

The brand name ‘Autobacs’ originated from our merchandise and services such as ‘Appeal’, ‘Unique’, ‘Tire’, ‘Oil’, ‘Battery’, ‘Accessories’, ‘Car Electronics’ and ‘Services’.

How Does Autobacs Contribute To A Sustainable Society?

Autobacs is focused on the issues that affect our society and ensuring we balance our needs as a business with the needs of society. We consider how to address various issues facing the world and act towards creating a more sustainable society.


  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction
  • Products that offer safety and peace of mind
  • Provision of car-related infrastructure

Environment, Human Rights & Diversity

  • Preserving the environment
  • Statement on health

Local Communities

  • Participation in local events
  • Resolution of car-related issues
  • Traffic safety activities

What Does The Autobacs Symbol Stand For?

The corporate colour for Autobacs is a shade of orange that was chosen as a way to adopt the frontier spirit of America’s pioneers and to represent the blazing sun that casts an orange filter over California.

Our symbol features six lines that represent the products and services we offer to our customers. These six products come from the last six letters of our Autobacs name. With each of these lines connecting at one place, it represents how we bring together many products into one store. It also is reminiscent of a highway, linking to our goal of creating an automotive society.

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